My Homunculus Boyfriend

Hey there Tasty-ites! We sure do forget we have a website sometimes, what with the Facebooks and all!

Anyway, we just wanted to share our newest film with you! We created it for the 2015 Local Love Muscle Film Festival. It premiered on Valentine’s Day at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME, USA.

We had a wonderful time turning Travis into a hideous monster. It’s hard to believe that’s possible, right?

(waits for laughter to subside, looks at watch)

We shot this film on one snowy day in early February on Munjoy Hill in Portland. It was a day jammed with merriment and flowing with juices, some of them creative.

This film was made during a snowstorm. Many people were enjoying the snow. It was magical.

So magical that we won first place and promptly spent the $300 prize money on beer and pizza.

Here is that film. Enjoy.

My Homunculus Boyfriend from Tasty Dude Films on Vimeo.