My Homunculus Boyfriend

Hey there Tasty-ites! We sure do forget we have a website sometimes, what with the Facebooks and all!

Anyway, we just wanted to share our newest film with you! We created it for the 2015 Local Love Muscle Film Festival. It premiered on Valentine’s Day at SPACE Gallery in Portland, ME, USA.

We had a wonderful time turning Travis into a hideous monster. It’s hard to believe that’s possible, right?

(waits for laughter to subside, looks at watch)

We shot this film on one snowy day in early February on Munjoy Hill in Portland. It was a day jammed with merriment and flowing with juices, some of them creative.

This film was made during a snowstorm. Many people were enjoying the snow. It was magical.

So magical that we won first place and promptly spent the $300 prize money on beer and pizza.

Here is that film. Enjoy.

My Homunculus Boyfriend from Tasty Dude Films on Vimeo.


“The Water in the Bay” Premiere

Oh, hey.  How’s it going?  Didn’t see you there.  But how are things?  Awesome.  Great.  Thanks for showing up.

Our first ever feature film, The Water in the Bay, will premiere on December 21 at the Empire in Portland, ME.

Doors open at 7:00 PM, $6 to get in. The filmmakers will be there to discuss the film and answer questions – and also dance, because the screening will be followed by live music from some of the performers who recorded the film’s soundtrack.

Find more information at and

New STUFF roundup!

Oh, hey there! It sure has been a while since we updated this website! So long, in fact, that our domain name has expired and now we have to figure out how to get it back.

Anyway, somehow you made it to our page so here’s what we’ve been up to:



A Cycle Vicious from Tasty Dude Films on Vimeo.

We made this film for the 2013 48 Hour Film Project. Our genre was HORROR, and the required elements for the Portland participants were a motivational speaker named Keller or Kelsey Goodington, a prop of a trash can, and the line of dialogue “Come on, you can tell me.”

We had a great time making the film this year, and like last year we were able to get done in time.  The film was probably the most intense we’ve ever made.  There were a few audible gasps when people watched the film at the screening.



Jon and Jordan have been working on a local music web series called “Portland Music TV” profiling musicians and filming their shows.  All four episodes and some bonus clips can be found on the Entertainment Experiment website or YouTube, or just watch the whole series above! We will be back with the rest of season 1 in a month or so.



Big surprise but Travis has a blog. It’s called Travis on the Half Shell

Read the latest post about how Travis uses technology to locate his stolen cell phone, and will challenge Mother Nature herself to get it back.

The sun was rising over Casco Bay.  Light pinks swept up around the islands, creating a gradient into a violet, purple then the brightest sky blue.  I hauled my ass up a tiny ladder onto one of the further skiffs.  Normally the Atlantic is frigid, and downright awful to swim in.  But not this morning, it was as warm as bathwater.  The sun rose, the tide slowly rolled out, the faintest mist snuck around Great Diamond Island.  And okay, maybe technically the boat did not belong to me, but the sun was coming up, summer was finally here and I was only borrowing their seating areas briefly.  No harm, no foul, right?

Wrong.  I got robbed.

Read the rest here:



The Dudes have been hard at work writing and shooting a new comedy web-series called “Open Mic Night.” We’ve been shooting mostly at Mama’s Crow Bar, which is a pretty rad BEER ONLY CASH ONLY place on Munjoy Hill.

Enjoy the teaser trailer above!

Hey thanks for stopping by!  We will try to update more often, if you’re into that kind of thing.