Control Her – A tale of revenge, as performed in the woods by a young couple and witnessed by three ill-prepared joggers.

Finally Grew My Penis – Two friends go out to dinner. One has a confession to make.

Any Reasonable Price – A man makes another man an offer he can’t refuse. In a parking lot. With a TV.

Tea Party Hijinks – Friends get together for a tea party. Sacred cows are slaughtered. What will be the faux pas that pushes them over the edge?  Second-place winner in the Dogfish Beer’s 2010 Off-Centered Film Competition.

Supercaring! – Holly Baldwin is the only one who cares about the lurgoyf. Alex follows her and her team of environmental activists for the Channel 2 Public Access Action News Hour. Can the lurgoyf be saved? Who cares, right?  Created for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Sour Dough – What can a man do when he has lost everything but a loaf of bread?

Two Guys, One Grenade – The Suicide Pact | Fruit Salad

Max Dagger: Symphony of Badass – A five part internet serial crime drama experience.

Enter Max Dagger – Introducing Max Dagger, Private Eye.  The first Tasty Dude Film, created for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Bionic Arms – Two friends. One Beer. One Contest. Two Bionic Arms. You do the math.  Created for Dogfish Beer’s 2009 Off-Centered Film Competition.

Speed Dating – The first TDFilm before the first TDFilm, filmed in college as part of USM’s Media Studies program.

Loverealm: The Realm of Love – Montgomery and Javelynne go away for their anniversary, and maybe their vacation rental is on a magical interdimensional rift. That shouldn’t make things strange at all.  Created for the 48 Hour Film Project.