Max Dagger: Symphony of Badass

a five part internet serial crime drama experience

Betrayal leads to Murder. Murder leads to Suspicions. Suspicions lead to Investigation. Investigation leads to Max Dagger. Max Dagger leads to Justice.

Max Dagger Private Investigations is finally off the ground… or at least above it. Fresh off his last case, Max Dagger is once again hired to answer the hard questions about Betrayal, Murder, Love, Life, Death, Loss, Redemption, Lions, and Trombones.

Where can one find Justice in a city that lets crime go unpunished?

Max Dagger: Symphony of Badass — Parts 1-5


Max Dagger….. Travis Curran
Pips Allegro….. Casey Turner
Alexander Charles Alexander….. Colin Whitely
Hennessey….. Jeff Toombs
Gepetto….. Josh Stanford
Phoenix Down Dribbles….. Kacy Woodworth
Grabowski….. Ian Carlsen
Oliver Fitzjones….. Alex Merrill
Directed by Jonathan Blood
Written by Jake Christie & Jonathan Blood & Travis Curran
Sound/Post-Production by Matt Fletcher