“Definition of Faith” – Darrell Foster (w/[dog] and [pony])

From [dog] and [pony]:

It’s 40 degrees in the middle of March under a windy gray sky, and as noon passes by I can’t help but think about how warm it is.

Portland is coming out of hibernation. Elsewhere in the country 45 degrees is cold, is freezing, is take-that-extra-coat-out-of-storage frigid, but in Portland this slate-colored day is the beginning of spring. I bike to Deering Oaks Park to meet Darrell and Jon and marvel at the sheer number of people who were deep inside Parkside apartments just days ago.

People are on the move.

The plan is to film Darrell Foster playing in the back of his Volkswagen van. We kicked around the idea of filming indoors, some warm fuzzy gas-heated practice space, but that isn’t where Darrell plays. Darrell practices in his van, so that’s where we’re going to film Darrell playing.  (more)

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